Cheryl Knoll


Cheryl, now semi-retired, works seasonally for a wholesale greenhouse operation. She states it is absolutely the best and most rewarding job she has ever had, until it gets too hot. She is not a hot weather lover. She plants flowers and trims baskets and waters the greenhouses whenever she is asked to help. She also loves to write. Her love for writing has been expressed in three published books of poetry (her way). Face in the Window was a compilation of many years of saved poems, but the highlights of this book are her “face in the window poems.” She felt she had a need to express her views and God’s views on the craziness that is being forced on not only our country but all over the world. The one world order, socialism, communism, Marxism, Godlessness, politics, fake news brainwashing. You name it and she tries to write the wrongs. She puts emphasis on how unhappy God is with those pushing those agendas. The face in the window poems dwindle and she highlights other feelings and subjects.

Her next book of poetry she named Hidden Hills. Not as political as her first book, she focuses more on feelings. Everyone has a few hidden hills in their life. Someplace where you hide your life experiences. You know they are there, but perhaps you would not like others to see or find them. This book also has an emphasis on God. Cheryl lives her life for God. She has for the better part of her life but states she is only human and has natural human feelings. That is how God designed us. She is not impressed with self-righteousness and organized religion. When you live your life with God as your father, you keep Him involved in everything in your life. When you fall short, you ask for forgiveness and guess what? God forgives you. He forgives you and He does not want to hear about it again. His forgiveness is a gift. The self-righteous ones would like to keep reminding you of your faults, but God forgives you and does not keep a record. He lives and He gives.

Her third book she named She Hears the Wind. The troubles going on in this world just try to beat you and wear you out, just like a hot blowing wind. You just wish that hot wind would stop but it gets stronger and more destructive. Then it starts to speak to you, and you listen. The first words that came to Cheryl were “I hear you wind, your blows aren’t kind and weak men make me lose my mind.” Those were the first words and inspiration to author this book. The wind is a force to be reckoned with. So is God as she places emphasis on Him once more in this book. Those of us who plainly see these troubled times may wonder why God is not fixing things. Well, He is. He is in charge and the timing is His not ours. Everything in God’s timing. Cheryl says learning patience can be miserable, painful, and downright exhausting but that is what strengthens us. We put on our gospel armor on and fight the good fight.

Cheryl felt an inner calling to write, and she did. She answered the call. She wanted to help in the fight of good versus evil the only way she knew how. She wrote till the words stopped coming. Now she is waiting for something new. A love story? A mystery? That will be up to God. Till then, it will be God, greenhouses, and gardens.

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